Practical Analysis of “FIFA18” False Action

“FIFA18” Is it necessary to master the fancy action it? It is not clear at home, here is for everyone to bring players “Nick FIFA” for the “FIFA18” practical action analysis of fake, interested players to have a look!

First of all, fancy is definitely not a panacea, do not imagine you will be a lot of even the strokes will be able to break each other to score goals, especially in this system this year, fancy people playing very good very much, there are many domestic Big brother, such as Louis qu, his fancy is really pleasing, then I watch his fancy video, decided to play like him.

Say back to the topic, ah, do not fancy kicking is completely possible, absolutely possible, without any fancy professional kurt, we can see his way to play, he refuses to use any fancy, I often see He plays football and his dribbling is the most buggy person on the planet I have ever seen, but as a result, the average person, 99% of them, can not reach his level. It is natural and hardworking. result.

My opinion is that the necessary fancy, cost-effective fancy, reasonable fancy is very necessary, is a surprise weapon to open the situation, but in most cases, support your winning, support your stable output , Is a skilled basic skills, skillful control of the ball skills, there is the idea of ​​passing touchdown, a reasonable catch the ball, a man who can not control the ball, a man awkward, one will not allow the attack to advance He is a million fancy skills, it is useless.

So I think, only reasonable combination of the two aspects, to become the master we know (to win the ball, the record is good, everyone understands the master is not the same, that is not right also please gentleman), for example, For example, you face a completely fancy people, when you defend him, how defensive? Definitely put his upside down, oppression along the foot, and then wait for pressure, but if the other is a skilled and reasonable (please note that is skilled, reasonable and efficient, Five-Star Fancy Around the World) Fancy users, you are bound to be attentive to each other, leave room because you do not know what to do next each other, because the defense is always the process of guessing and gaming If you rely solely on reaction defensive operation, when I did not say.

Last year’s FIWC, the gorilla’s title, I think it is no accident that his offensive oppression, rapid transmission and suffocating offensive advance, with his super-fast hand speed and SM when the amazing reaction, I believe that individuals are Do not want to face such players. You guard against him, he passed you, you prevent him from passing him, and you pass him, so he showed last year’s rolling performance on the final, not without reason, in FIFA17 that version of the game, he is indeed the most powerful One. (Personal opinion, do not agree with the big brother do not spray me)

The final conclusion is that for ordinary players (attention is an ordinary player, does not apply to see this post some big guys and talent players), in order to improve, enrich their offensive, fancy is not necessary? Necessary, and necessary, you need to be familiar with every fancy style of practice with a dribbling angle, but please be aware that fancy is a break point, and if you want to win it, use it wisely, and for fun How to be happy (how I used to win with a fancy style was a fancy of a fancy god), other than fancy, other basic skills is more important, is the foundation, if the foundation is not Well, fancy, do not use it.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard and small forward recommended

“NBA2K18” MT mode players available in numerous, how to pick out the best to use, presumably many players are still distressed for this, today Xiaobian bring “douyu Han Liang” to share the “NBA2K18” easy to use players card Analysis recommended for your reference.

Point guard

Point guard here refers to the players who can play point guard, not necessarily the first position is point guard, such as Harden will appear here.


From the history of the hegemony awards, height 201, this Hardaway reward card, so particularly worthwhile, taller, defensive and offensive are quite good, although surely ignore the local pottery, but no krypton gold used to very good, The play is probably a breakthrough dunk, double buckle tend to one hundred, eight gold badges, hot area inside, shooting generally but most do not need to shoot, direct buckle on the line.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 196, in reality, Harden also often guest guest point guard, the game can be the same, Harden attack is very comprehensive, whether it is projection, breakthrough, speed, and some rebounds are very good, but that is poor defense, regardless of Red Card Purple card or defensive are very general, but feel very good, drip basketball bag are easy to use, the hot zone is not bad, ps price, red card more than 20,000, purple card more than 60,000, Pc buy directly on the line.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended

Letter brother

Height 211, the advantage of height and arm length, speed, can pull the outbreak, the breakthrough dunk layup are very strong, because the defensive template bonus so very good, cast more than 80, but in addition to the third inside the hot area is very Easy to use, the only weakness is the third of the deviation, 66, a large open space can vote, the letters of Columbia playing the center also have miraculous effect, play is holding the ball, forced to break, rejection ass, Ps blue card 5000, red card 35000.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 203, very versatile, whether it is defensive or breakthrough, back there are more than 80, can pull the outbreak, three-speed 88, 90 free throws, the only one-third of the ball is slightly worse, but the gap is very accurate, there are 79 Of the three points, playing a great advantage guarding the template, a small forward is also possible, the hot zone is also very good, play very versatile, how can we fight, Ps red card more than 50,000, blue card is not recommended.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 208, this card is currently only a blue card, a breakthrough is good to use, there is a certain cast, the impact of the type of basket, a weaker version of the letter brother, fast, rebounds, defensive play a bit not bad, because the template Bonus, the disadvantage is that the best one-third vote, 52 is generally, PS4 price of 10,000, not expensive.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended

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Page 2: scoring guard articles

Scoring guard articles

Bill, height 196, Bill’s advantage is fast, two-speed 90, one-third of the vote in all of the above 90, the hot zone is very good, shooting package comfortable, can pull outbreaks, defensive pass, are more than 80, 6 gold badge is not bad, cheap, cost-effective, it is worth starting, you can occasionally lay a bit, PS4 price more than 20,000, pc just buy.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 198, the red is not recommended, really normal, but a lot of purple, double buckle one hundred, dunk ** gas, dunk bag Ye Hao, 90 back, all vote in the 93, one third too 85, the speed of 90, very strong, comes with 20 purple badges, this card is very good, my faith, but the price is more expensive, small krypton gold players can enter, I opened twenty thousand did not open to, finished Both time bonus package to open, it is recommended to start.

Ps price 75,000, by the way Diamond Kobe Bryant will enter, certainly not easy to use evaluation, money to buy on the line, no money to buy purple, pink diamond non-human can get.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 201, you can play a small forward also, Butler cast 80, one-third 86, you can pull the outbreak, defensive speed, the top 3d player, but the feel is a matter of opinion, my friend said the shooting kit is very easy to use, my own Fortunately, play I personally like 3d, PS4 price more than 20,000.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 193, this card is very comprehensive, both in the cast third, or break the dunk, the speed is fast, the defense is also very good, there is no obvious weakness, if you really want to say weakness is a bit short, 193, PS4 price 3 More than 10,000, it is recommended about twenty thousand start.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 203, this Tracy McGrady, is also very comprehensive, can pull the outbreak, CIC third break their backs, are very strong, double-buckle tend to 100, speed 95, especially worthy of the start, to say the shortcomings of Tracy McGrady, Ugly, do not give good look, but also a disadvantage is expensive, PS4 more than 200,000, beliefs can enter, zero krypton gold forget.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 198, this card is suitable for marking, because of the height of the problem, from the history of hegemony awards card, free, this card top defense plus 17 gold badge comes at nearly 90 speed can be, the only drawback Shot bag is particularly slow, there are two thirds of the cold area, zero krypton players can use gold, tycoons ignore.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended

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Page 3: small forward

Small forward

Chandler Parsons

Height 206, the reality of the rich and handsome, the hot area is very scary, plus 89 cast, and 91 one-third very strong defense also considered pass, the speed is around 80, comes with three gold badges, catching the ball, Long distance and corner experts, very easy to use 3d, the most important is cheaper, particularly cost-effective, PS4, the price of two thousand.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 211, this card defense is particularly good, comes with a gold defensive badge, the speed of 80, there is a certain vote, third vacancy 75, a large template, a certain impact on the basket ability, the most important is also very cheap for land reclamation, PS4 price, a thousand.

“NBA2K18” easy to use player card analysis recommended MT mode point guard, shooting guard and small forward recommended


Height 201, from the second challenge card week challenge, free, Bowen is also a top 3d player, three-pointers 95, cast 89, defensive blocks and steals in general, but the other defensive ability in more than 95, comes with Gold badge, projection and defense all have, the disadvantage is the impact of the basket in general, slow speed, 75 speed.

FIFA 18 I’m bayern fans, FIFA sincerely ask, player

I’m bayern fans, but the bundesliga available too few people, the most main is too hard to use in the game, so the set of a set of mixed matrix, players are also I like players, but the recent discovery card now averaging a post, is to keep his shot, may be the EA suspicion I recently charge less, look to match in addition to the legend is mei luo and Sue teeth, I want to have a slightly forward of the body, mules can’t afford it, so can only consider Sue teeth, tooth is the most helpless I drove past a Sue, as a result in order to buy levante and sold it, has not been used for a, so I don’t know, feel I like to use some of the players is flexible, like fancy, no fixed.
Experienced leaders give some advice, if you can add a friend to play, I don’t have a good friend FIFA 18 Coins

5 Celebrations EA Desperately Needs to Include in The New Game

The good news is that we already know a few new celebrations are on the way in FIFA 18.

These include Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘thinking’ celebration, Olivier Giroud’s leg dance and the ability to run in to the crowd. fifa 18 coins

But we hope it’s not too late to offer some suggestions for EA Sports’ team to include some new features on the game – so how about some new celebrations?

This football season has seen some footballers get pretty inventive when it comes to celebrating goals, so will we get the chance to tap our RTs, L2s and Os to celebrate in style?

1 The ‘Saltbae’ celebration

Adopted by Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck and the Bayer Leverkusen team back in January, while it’s not exactly the most active, it would certainly annoy your mates when you perform it for the fifth time in the same game.

2 The ‘just stand there like a boss’ celebration

There’s been plenty of similar celebrations like this one on recent FIFA games – the ‘Stand Tall’, the ‘Calm Down’ and the ‘Muscle Flex’ all come close, but Arsenal new boy Alexandre Lacazette’s recent celebration is simplistic yet incredibly effective.

We can’t wait to see him pull it off in the Prem.

3 Update to the ‘Phonecall’ celebration

We know there have been plenty of telephone-based celebrations in recent versions, but the ‘Phone Me’ celebration has had something of a resurgence this year in football.

Not only did Gabriel Jesus debunk rumours about his version being about his ex-girlfriend, Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos fans argued over which of the two stars did it first.

4 Taking a selfie with fans

A few players have done this in real life, but Douglas Costa running over to fans to take a selfie to celebrate his goal against Borussia Monchengladbach last October was seriously cool.

5 Celebrating with the fans like an absolute nutter

Now here’s a thing – some of these celebrations will not get included in the new FIFA, because EA Sports apparently have a strict policy about making sure their game lies within the footballing law.

Celebrating a goal with the fans in real life leads to a yellow card for the offender, so FIFA players have often claimed EA wouldn’t include it as it would mean also having to implement a system in which the player also gets booked.

But that’s the point of the celebration – we would certainly take the hit for a yellow card on the game if we scored a 95th winner to beat our mates. Come on FIFA, do the right thing.


FIFA 18 – release date, price, cover star and more

The football season might have come to an end but it will back before too long at all and soon enough the next installment of FIFA from EA Sports will be here.

As always it is likely to be a massive success more often than not is the highest selling video game in the UK each year.

Last year’s edition introduced the first significant change to the game’s format for some time – The Journey. Essentially it was a story mode that utilizes aspects from the Be A Pro function as you starred as a teenager on the verge of ‘ breaking through’ into the big time.

It will be back in 2018 and here is what we know so far about the forthcoming game.

When is FIFA 18 released?

FIFA 18 is due out at the end of September, as is tradition for the FIFA series. While there is no official date just yet, it is rumoured to be released on September 29 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Can I pre-order FIFA 18?

Yes you can, despite there being no official release date as of yet. This mean that whenever the game is released you will receive it on release day if you do pre-order it. This is always a smart choice as it saves you from having to queue outside GAME at midnight.

Fifa 18: the two new leagues we want

FIFA 18 is coming, we take a look at two leagues that are ready for the limelight in FIFA 18.

Chinese Super League

Similarly, as you thought the wages and moving expenses in football could not get any more unpleasant, the #Chinese Super League marked Oscar who was a B team player for Chelsea for an exchange charge of £51 million and is earning a wage of £400,000 a week. The transfer fee fir Hulk, who is the winger for the Brazillian national football team was £47 million. In the meantime, Carlos Tevez is earning £615,000 a week at age 33 after the transfer for a fee of £71 million. Despite the money spent on these players, there is most likely the Chinese Super League has now gotten the attention of fans far and wide.

Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian Football League)

Despite the fact that in Fifa 17 the Brazillian top division is there and has been in previous versions, however there is no licensing agreement. Truly since Fifa 14, the Brasileiro has not been under full licensing assertions, and EA has not been able to achieve a concurrence with the Brazillian right holders since Fifa 15. Konami on the other hand in their football game Pro Evolution Soccer 17 include the full licensing for the top Brazillian division and furthermore Corinthia who is a club sponsored by Konami. The only thing fans can do is hope that EA can agree to a concurrence with the Brasileiro before the dispatch of FIFA 18. Some of the finest players in the world call Brazil home, and they should be in this game. And use FUT 18 coins to open packs to get these players, that would be nice for fans.

Chelsea deserve a rating upgrade in FIFA 18

Chelsea, this season, have dusted off last season’s problems in style and turned the title run-in into a mere formality with their 3-0 win over Middlesbrough last week. Chelsea have literally walked away with the title and have by far looked the most complete unit in the Premier League.

A combination of superlative team and individual displays are sure to result in an increase in their players’ ratings in the next instalment of the FIFA series.

Apart from this, players from other clubs have also performed admirably well, an example being Romelu Lukaku who despite playing for a club outside the traditional powerhouses is leading the Premier League scoring charts with 24 goals this season.

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FIFA 17 TOTS kicked off on Friday May 12

Buy FIFA 17 Coins With TOTS Discount Code

FIFA 17 Team of the Season is the traditional way that EA Sports celebrates its yearly edition of the popular footy title, before moving onto building up interest in the next addition in the series.

And this year is not going to prove any different, with a lot of new rewards available for those hoping to build the strongest squad on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

FIFA 17 TOTS kicked off on Friday May 12 and is a celebration of the very best FUT players from Europe and the rest of the world who have excelled during the 2016/17 season.

Today saw the release of the English Football League Team of the Season squad, which features standout players from England’s Football League, including the Football League Championship, League One and League Two.

It should be noted that FIFA 17 TOTS items are available by chance when opening FIFA Ultimate Team Packs. If you need FIFA Coins to Open Packs, Will be your best choice to buy FIFA 17 Coins.

FIFA 16 servers still down, entering match online disabled

We can see that after FIFA 16 server maintenance in January 2016 the game still appears to be not working for many players right now. We have just tried to play a game ourselves but FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is down with a constant message stating that ‘entering a match has been temporarily disabled’.

This is strange, as the maintenance period has now finished, with EA themselves even saying that FIFA 16 is back up and ready to play again.

However we can confirm that things are definitely not 100% as we can no longer play a game online at the time of writing. It will be frustrating for many players, as EA are advertising a 6,000 German Cup tournament yet nobody can play it at the moment.

What is your FIFA 16 status, are you getting the same error as above as some players have said that they can play a game. Is it happening to everyone or just certain regions?  Fifa 16 ps4 coins

FIFA 17: Cover Athlete and Changes We Would Like To See

FIFA 16 was released four months ago but many are already talking about the next edition. One of the biggest news seems to be the cover, which has featured Messi for three years now. The next edition could be different as many sites have reported that he won’t be signing a new deal with the company behind the popular sports title.

The Barcelona star recently won the Ballon D’or and has appeared in many FIFA and FIFA Street covers. The deal between the company and Messi is said to be expiring this year. The gaming giant will have to look for someone else and the search could be difficult as Ronaldo and Neymar already have a contract with Pro Evolution Soccer.

FIFA 17 won’t be out for another eight months, but talks about the next edition always start early. This year’s game is great and features many improvements. The game now moves slower and lets defenders catch up to the fastest players. We also have women’s national teams and a tournament. Career Mode features more of the same but still brings a number of small improvements. FIFA 16 is solid but next year’s title could be better, here are some of the changes we would like to see.

Women’s national teams are a great addition, but we need more. Gamers only have one tournament to play, which can be completed in a short time since there are only two groups. It feels incomplete but the teams are fun to play with, so please add more.

FIFA 16 is a great title but it still needs some changes. The next edition won’t be out for a while but we can start talking about the changes we would like to see. What needs to be improved? Is FIFA 16 the best in the series? buy cheap fifa coins